“There's no doubt in my mind that what's shaped me and my work more than any particular talent on my part has been living out a calling in the midst of a Christ-centered community.” - Andrew Peterson

Action Steps to Finding Community

As the church grows, it's necessary to form relationships with others in smaller environments. Groups help you find community for the purposes of Bible Study (Biblical discussion), Fellowship (forming friendships), Prayer (supporting each other), and Care (meeting needs of others). We view groups with two perspectives: the church provides outlets for people to connect and individuals must be proactive in seeking community.

Starting Point

Starting Point is our way of introducing you to our church. It's the first place you should begin if you're interested in partnering with The Summit as your church family and finding community. Sign up for the next Starting Point by clicking here.


The goal of these groups is to provide relational learning environments. Although each group may be learning something different, they provide the chance to find community while learning the Scriptures together. Express interest in a group here.

Church-Wide Events

Several times a year we plan church-wide events that assist you in connecting with other people. These environments are often smaller than an entire church gathering, but large enough for someone to make connections. Sign up for our weekly email list to hear about future events. 

Children and Student Ministry

Sometimes we only think about groups in terms of adults, but it's vital to offer group environments that are age-appropriate. Each Sunday our children and students gather in their own groups for relational learning experiences. Check out our children and student ministries.