A One-Year Sermon Series

Exploring God's Big Story

Join us in a one-year journey through God's BIG Story, as told in the Bible. We'll be making FIVE Stops along the way:
1) Creation, 2) Corruption, 3) Covenant, 4) Christ, and 5) Cross.

Step 1 - Attend Weekly

There will be 48 lessons (overview HERE) taught over the course of one year in the Sunday morning worship gatherings (8:30am or 10:15am). Also, toddlers through 12th grade will be learning the same lessons in age-appropriate environments

Step 2 - Follow Reading Plan

The 48 lessons will only provide a "high level view" of the Biblical narrative; however, the reading plan will fill in all the "gaps" of the story. The reading plan will assist you in digging deeper into God's BIG Story. You can download a viewable or printable booklet or follow the online one-year Bible reading plan.

Step 3 - Join a Group

These lessons are NOT to remain with you, but designed to be discussed with family, friends, and groups. A few of the church groups will be discussing the sermons each week, but we encourage you to create your own group to talk about what God is teaching you. We also challenge you to share it with those who may not have a relationship with God. Click HERE to find a Journey Group!

Step 4 - Use Resources

We want to support you on your journey through God's BIG Story so here are a few of the resources that will assist you along the way.

Step 5 - Don't Quit

As we often say, "Change is not overnight but over time." There WILL be days you want to quit your Bible reading plan or not show up for the weekly gathering. Plan ahead for these times of challenge. You will experience opposition as you are trying to grow in your relationship with God. Don't let hardship make you quit. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, He will enable you to stay with it!