Establish Spiritual Habits

Knowing God does not happen overnight but overtime. Because of this we should be committed to long-term learning about God so that what we know about Him will lead us to love Him. These action steps below will help you discover what it means to know God and love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Bible Journaling

Keeping a journal of your time with God is an important way to develop your relationship with God. We've created a series of 5 short videos to teach you to use the HEAR Method of Journaling.

Spiritual Habits Resources

Sometimes we need direction on where to find resources that help us grow deeper in our knowledge and love for God. We have created a list of resources that will assist you in digging a little deeper into the Scriptures. Click here to view the list of resources.

Journey of Faith (Video Series)

A series of 16 video lessons that cover the Basics of the Christian Faith. Pastor Tom recorded these in a casual setting for you to watch at any time. Watch videos here and view study guides included with each lesson.