After a person has believed in Jesus Christ as the One who died to pay the penalty for sin and that He resurrected to guarantee our eternal life (Romans 10:9-10), it is natural for that individual to publicly declare their faith in Jesus Christ.  Although there are many ways a person can demonstrate their faith in Jesus Christ, God ordained baptism as the means by which a new believer publicly shows his faith.  New believers have been expressing their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism for nearly 2,000 years; in fact, the Apostle Peter preached a sermon to thousands of people in the first century and called on them to repent and believe in Jesus Christ (Acts 2:14-40).  Those who believed were immediately baptized as an expression of their faith in Jesus (Acts 2:41).

Does God Command us to be Baptized?

If you would like to be baptized at The Summit Church, please watch Pastor Tom's teaching below about God's command for you to be baptized.

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