Worship Team

The worship team is more than just playing in the band. It's working with all the technology that provides the church with a high quality Sunday morning worship experience.

Keep reading below to learn more about all the positions within the Worship Team 

The Worship band

The worship band provides a high quality worship experience every Sunday for Summit attendees.

Roles of a Worship Band Member:
  • Help lead worship on Sunday mornings for both Services on a rotating schedule
  • Practice on Wednesday nights

screens Team

A person running screens on a Sunday morning provides visuals aids to help people experience worship

Roles of a Screen Team Member:
  • Show up before service to prepare
  • Communicates with whoever is speaking on what they want on the screens for that service
  • Cycles through presentation screens 
  • Communicates with livestream producers on what is happening for the service 

Sound Team

The sound team is vital to ensuring both the worship band and the speaker on Sundays can be heard and enjoyed by The Summit congregation.

Roles of a Sound Team Member:
  • Work with the soundboard to ensure everything is functioning correctly
  • Ensure that worship band members and speakers all have the proper equipment that they need for any given service
  • Work with the worship band team to make any adjustments to sound design the morning of service
  • Shows up before service to help get the worship band ready for the day

Lights Team

A lights team member is in charge of light design for any given Sunday service and ensures that each part of the services is properly lit with a fitting style

Roles of a Lights Team Member:
  • Show up before service to make sure everything is working properly
  • Dim and brighten lights as the service goes on
  • Work on light design for Worship
  • Execute light design during Worship

Livestream Team

The livestream team provides a high quality Sunday morning service experience on the go, whether that's by running a camera or controlling what content is going out to the livestream
Livestream team has two positions: Cameras & Producer

Roles of a Livestream Team Member -- Camera:
  • Show up 15 minutes before service
  • Set up the camera you are running
  • Get shots of worship
  • Listen to and help the producer to get specific shots

Roles of a Livestream Team Member -- Producer:
  • Show up 30 minutes before service
  • Set up the livestream software 
  • Ensure the stream goes live
  • Change which camera is going out to the livestream
  • Work with the screens team to put any important screen information on the stream
  • Direct camera crew for specific and relevant shots

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