Welcome Team

Keep reading below to learn more about all the positions within the Welcome Team

Parking Lot Team

Attendants will personally acknowledge, welcome and guide guests to parking spots the moment they pull into the parking lot. Help visitors find the entrances and assist families as needed when they enter the building.

Roles of a Parking Lot Team Member:
  • Be alert and keep the entrances clear of ice/snow. Be ready with an umbrella if it's raining.
  • Notify the safety team of any dangerous conditions that arise in the parking lots.
  • Know which safety team members are serving with you.
  • In the event of an emergency, know exactly where to get help. Be available to assist in the event of an accident.
  • The parking team needs to be in place 30 minutes prior to service until 10 minutes after service begins to assist late-comers.

Door Greeter

We need people whose sole focus is welcome others and praying about the people they'll encounter each week. We want everyone coming through the doors to experience "We're glad you are here and we're expecting you!"

Roles of a Door Greeter:
  • Open the door and welcome everyone. Serve outside if the weather allows.
  • Smile and make eye contact and be attentive.
  • Whether we're helping visitors find the restroom, direct parents to where to register their kids, or assist someone in taking the next steps to becoming part of our church, it's important we're available when help is needed
  • Greeters need to be in place 30 minutes before service begins until 10 minutes after worship starts

Sanctuary Greeter

Everyone expects to be greeted at the door. Our goal is to offer the unexpected warm welcome in the sanctuary by assisting with seating, interacting with guests and engaging in conversation with people you don't know. Look for opportunities to introduce people to each others.

Roles of a Sanctuary Greeter
  • Make sure no one gets overlooked. Mingle. Introduce yourself.
  • Offer to meet first time guests after service to collect their connect card and give them a t-shirt.
  • Sit with someone who is sitting alone and as people leave, invite them to join us again.
  • Be in place 30 minutes before service begins. Assisting in seating others until announcements are made.

Welcome Center Greeter

We need people who want to help others get connected to The Summit by serving in the Welcome Center in the "Guest Start Here" area of the front lobby after service.

Roles of a Welcome Center Greeter:
  • Collect prayer and other cards from guests.
  • Hand out t-shirts.
  • Answer any questions and help people in any way you can.
  • It's important that you have a knowledge of what we offer outside of our Sunday services.
  • Invite guests to what's coming up next on our calendar.
  • Be fully available and show people they're not interrupting you.
  • Look for opportunities to make introductions to the Pastors, Climb Youth leaders, and Life Group leaders.
  • Make your way to the Welcome Center immediately after service and remain in place a half hour after service ends.

Coffee Team

We need people to help manage the coffee station.
There are two different positions on the coffee team: Set up & Tear down

Roles of a Coffee Team Member -- Set up:
  • Fills coffee pots with water and coffee
  • Makes sure coffee pots are plugged in
  • Puts out any needed items at the coffee station on Saturdays (less than 30 minutes)
  • Communicate with team leader in order to restock needed supplies

Roles of a Coffee Team Member -- Tear down:
  • Cleaning up coffee pots and condiments following services
  • Communicate with team leader in order to restock needed supplies

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