The Way: Speaking and Living the Gospel

A one-year journey through the books of Acts, Romans, and Ephesians that will instruct us on how we are called to live our daily lives. We will engage five action steps in order to ensure that knowledge leads to action.

Five Action Steps to Participate in the way...

Step #1: Sunday Sermons

  • Attend 41 Sunday Teachings (view/download series overview)
  • Take Notes on Teachings (use a phone notes app or keep a written notebook)
  • Remember Kids/Students Alignment (pre-K through 12th grade will be taught the same lessons as the adults in age-appropriate environments)
  • Catch Up on Any Missed Lessons

Step #2: Spiritual Habits

Helpful Resources for Spiritual Habits...

STEP #3: Small Groups

These lessons are NOT to remain with you, but designed to be discussed with family, friends, and groups. Groups meeting to discuss the sermons series or weekly Bible reading will be indicated below. We encourage you to join a group to talk about what God is teaching you. Find a group HERE!

STEP #4: Serving Others

Part of living out our faith is serving others. We desire everyone to not only learn, but also take action by getting involved. Click HERE to see areas where you can volunteer in our church family. 

STEp #5: Send

The culmination of Sunday Sermons, Spiritual Habits, Small Groups, and Serving Others is that then we are sent out into our homes, neighborhoods, friend groups, schools, workplaces, community, and the world so that we may speak and live out the gospel. Sometimes we communicate it like this: "We gather as the church and then scatter to make Christ known."