College Level Bible Courses

The next Bible Minor Class launches this September. Registration begins this summer.
Bible Minor stretches people to think about God, His Word, and His world in whole new ways and encourages them to apply Scripture to all areas of their lives. Cedarville University has made this outstanding Bible teaching available to serve parents, churches, and the greater Body of Christ for personal and community study.

Courses available in Bible Minor:
Old Testament Literature
New Testament Literature
Bible and the Gospel
Theology 1
Theology 2 

How Does It Work?

Although this is not an official college degree, the classes are the same ones students at Cedarville University complete for a Bible Minor. The benefit of taking these classes is that we have access to the professors and resources at no cost to you.

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Show Up

Attend class once a week where we will watch a video session together and discuss what has been learned.

Stay With It

If you happen to miss a class, make sure you stay with us by watching the videos online.

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